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Army! Hit, Kick and Punch Like Crazy

4.8 ( 9968 ratings )
游戏 娱乐 액션 어드벤처
开发 Galia Aviram

Looking for a highly addictive fun app thats perfect for anyone AND everyone? THIS. IS. IT!

The goal of this crazy simple retro feeling game is to get the criminal as far as possible by crashing the obstacles along the way... Sounds easy? PROVE IT!

Some of the main features include:

-Amazing professional graphics that will take you away from reality instantly!

-Just tap as you encounter an obstacle and destroy it to make way for your runaway criminal!

-Challenging levels that increase in difficulty and fun as you advance...

-Option to earn better criminals and weapons to destroy the obstacles as you earn more points!

-Cool sound effects and music in every level!

-Game center enabled so that you compete not only against yourself but against your friends and the whole world!

-Extremely easy to use gameplay and interface; perfect for the young AND the young at heart!

What are you waiting for? The authorities are about to get to you and you have no time to loose...Start running and crashing NOW!